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Breakfast at Beckford House - Bath

There is an excellent farmers’ market every Saturday and this is where ingredients are breakfast is sourced.

Getting good ingredients is half the battle in providing good breakfasts and when the farmers’ market (www.bathfarmersmarket.co.uk) at Green Park became a weekly event, this became straightforward.

One thing I like about the market is you meet the producer: George for mushrooms, David for eggs, Angela for jams and marmalades, Rosie for vegetables, Linda and Alan for bread and the conversational Becky for cut flowers. One recent ‘find’ at the market is a good strong loose leaf breakfast tea from the Wiltshire Tea Company that competes with a coffee for pungency; the quality to wake you up.

Beckford’s organic mueslis are prepared by the reliable Bristol cooperative, Essential Trading (www.essentialtrading.co.uk), and bought at Harvest in Walcot Street.

The bacon is delivered to the door by Francis ‘Bacon’ from Temple Cloud.

The other part of the equation is cooking breakfasts to order, not in advance. What’s worse than a breakfast buffet where the egg or bacon is standing for 20 minutes.

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